Refrigeration Basics Interactive Training Course


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Refrigeration Basics

Introduction to the Refrigeration Trade

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Refrigeration Basics
Version II - Standard

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Refrigeration Basics
Version III - Professional

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Version III interactive troubleshooting board screen shots:


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Features (Both Versions)
Interactive Graphics
Sequential overlaid graphics are used to clearly illustrate the topic at hand. Buttons allow interactive back and forth control for logical comparisons.
Animated Graphics
Animations are used to clearly demonstrate concepts like heat flow and the mechanical workings of things like reciprocating, scroll and rotary compressors and bimetal warp switches.
Full Screen Graphics
Many sections, especially the troubleshooting boards use full screen graphics. The need to side scroll is eliminated because Refrigeration Basics senses your screen resolution and loads the page designed for your particular resolution. All resolutions are supported and exact full screen implementation is provided for [640x480], [800x600] , [1024x768]
Actively Linked Index
The Contents section is presented in a logical learning progression. There is also a linked Index to quickly locate topics. The links take you instantly to the exact spot on the specific page that covers the topic.
Actively Linked Review Questions
Each section has review questions which link to the spot on the appropriate page that covers the topic.
PT Chart Refrigerant Data Base
92 Pressure/Temperature Charts linked by ASHRAE and Trade Name Index. Each PT Chart also shows chemical formula, chemical name, recommended oil and if it is a blend lists the ODS refrigerant that it replaces.
Interactive Refrigerant Side Diagnostics
The relationship between refrigerant side parameters are explored with the interactive Causes & Effects tutorial. Although this course starts off with the basics it lets the participant advance to the point where complex refrigerant side parameters are dealt with in an interactive way.
Interactive Electrical Troubleshooting
After being presented with electrical basics, learn to troubleshoot electrical schematics with built in faults with simulated Amp/Volt/Ohm meters.
Exam marks itself
100 question, multiple choice exam fully tests participant’s grasp of the material. Submit button displays participant's mark in percentage.

Sample Sections
Browse sample sections with button index: Browse sample sections with text index:
Refrigeration Basics

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