A Day in the Life of a Frank Gay Commercial Services Employee

It’s a bright Florida morning as I start my day with Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC. It’s not just any office job – it is an opportunity to cater to the needs of the community in Altamonte Springs, FL & Oviedo, FL in air conditioner service and repair. From air conditioning installation to HVAC installation and AC service, each day holds a unique challenge and a new chance to help our customers.

Start of the Day

My day begins with a team huddle where we receive our assignments. Today, it’s a visit to a client’s house in Winter Park, FL for an Air Conditioner Repair. Swiftly grabbing my tools and equipment, I load up our trademark service vehicle and hit the road.

After reaching our location, my teammate and I set to diagnose the root of the problem. Given our extensive training and hands-on experience, we quickly notice that the unit is low on refrigerant and has a minor leak. Our Early start has its benefits, as we’ve been able to resolve the issue before lunch.

Mid-day Services

Post-lunch, it’s time to head to our next assignment: a HVAC installation in Orlando, FL. These jobs are my favorite. There’s something rewarding about installing a new system and knowing that our customer will be cool and comfortable, particularly during the unforgiving Florida summer. By late afternoon, the brand-new unit installed and running efficiently.

Sunset doesn’t mean the end of the day for a Frank Gay Commercial Services employee. Sometimes, there could be emergency AC services that need our attention. In such cases, our commitment to our customers and dedication to our work keeps us going.

End of the Day Reflection

The last call of the day has me heading back to Altamonte Springs, FL again for an AC service. It’s a routine service check, but as always, we ensure thoroughness. Because the simplest of checks could prevent major future issues, hence ensuring the longevity of the air conditioning system.

At the end of the day, I’m more than just a service employee; I’m a community helper, a problem solver, and a comfort provider. At Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC, every day is different, offering the opportunities to contribute to the comfort of homes and businesses across Winter Park, Orlando, Oviedo, and Altamonte Springs.