The Ultimate Guide to Furnace Replacement and Heating Services

In the midst of the chilly winter of Chicago, IL, Evanston, IL, Lincolnwood, IL, Park Ridge, IL, Morton Grove, IL, or Woodridge, IL, the last thing you want is a faulty heating system. All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning understands this need, that’s why we’ve put down this comprehensive guide covering everything about furnace replacement, heater installation, heating service, and heating repair.

Knowing when to Replace Your Furnace

Furnaces are sturdy, however, they cannot last forever. A furnace that has been serving you for more than 15 to 20 years may be due for a replacement. Frequent break-downs and rising energy bills are red flags to look for. When these happen, it may mean that your system is working harder to provide the same amount of heat. It’s advisable to consult with a heating service technician to ascertain whether you need a furnace replacement. All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning provides such services aimed at ensuring your comfort during these chilly winters.

Choosing the Right Heater

When it comes to heater installation, choosing the right heater that suits your needs can be a daunting task. Different heating systems exist including Furnaces, Boilers, and Heat Pumps. Each of these systems has their pros and cons. The choice of garage heaters, ductless split systems, or high velocity heating systems depends on the house design, weather in your area, and the budget. It’s always advisable to do proper research or consultation with a heating expert before you decide on what to install.

Maintenance is Key

Serving your heating system can extend its lifespan significantly. Regular heating service involves checking and replacing the filters, cleaning the blower, adjusting the blower’s components, and other essential procedures depending on the type of heater. It’s advisable to perform these checks once even twice a year, before the onset of winter season to ensure that the heating system is functioning optimally.

Maneuvering through Heating Repairs

Sometimes, your heating system may fail in the middle of the cold season. In such a case, a professional heating repair service comes in handy. The most common issue is the furnace failing to heat the house. This could be caused by thermostat problems, or in the case of a gas furnace, the gas may not be reaching the unit. Other issues may be constant cycling and blower continuously running. In such situations, it’s important to contact specialists to avoid causing more damage while trying to repair it yourself

Through this guide, we hope that you are now equipped to make wise decisions regarding your furnace replacement, heater installation, heating services and repair. At All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re always ready to offer professional assistance to ensure you are warm and comfortable during the cold winter months.