An Exciting Guide to Activities Near Shaw and Shaw

Whether you’re a local resident or a client of Shaw and Shaw, you know how vibrant Western New York, Buffalo, and Hamburg, New York can be. After engaging our services for your legal needs, be it Personal Injury Law, Corporate Law, DWI Legal Services, or engaging a Criminal Lawyer, you may find you have spare time to explore the local scene.

Experience the Rich History of Buffalo

After a meeting with our experienced Business Law attorneys, unwind by stepping back in time at the Buffalo History Museum. Stroll through captivating exhibits that tell the story of Buffalo’s past, and maybe gain insights into its future.

Culture runs deep in Buffalo, NY. From architecture to art, there’s always something for the intellectually curious. Tour the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House, or perhaps the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park. There’s no shortage of serene and edifying places to relax after a day of navigating legal intricacies.

Enjoy the Outdoors in Western New York

Western New York boasts an array of natural beauty. Take in the freshness of the outdoors near Lake Erie, where you can partake in a variety of recreational activities. Or, explore the wonders of the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, a peaceful getaway filled with exotic plants and well-maintained grounds.

For lovers of water sports, the Buffalo Waterfront provides opportunities for sailing, canoeing, and kayaking. It’s a fantastic way to rejuvenate from any stress, especially after seeking advice on complex matters like DWI Legal Services.

Discover Hamburg, NY

Journey to the charming town of Hamburg, where small-town charm meets big-city entertainment. Dine at local eateries renowned for their culinary delights, or visit the popular Hamburg Farmers market for a taste of locally-sourced produce.

In the heart of the village, the stunning Hamburg Palace Theater offers an array of performances. It can be an uplifting experience after a day spent dealing with corporate law cases.

There’s certainly not a shortage of fun and interesting activities near Shaw and Shaw’s offices. Taking time to explore and appreciate the surrounding locales can make the process of navigating legal matters significantly more enjoyable.