Exceptional Living and Office Solutions by Linked Equipment

Founded with a revolutionary ambition, Linked Equipment is a pioneer in providing distinctive solutions for living and workspace requirements. The company has been shaping the architectural realm with cutting-edge Shipping Container Homes and Modular Office Construction projects. By repurposing the sturdy structures of shipping containers, Linked Equipment breathes new life into them, transforming each unit into chic, sustainable, and affordable living, and office spaces.

A New Era of Mobility

Linked Equipment equally excels in introducing avant-garde Mobile Office Solutions, effectively disrupting the perception of the traditional workspace. The company provides fully equipped, custom-designed container offices that promote simplicity, functionality, and mobility. These spaces not only foster productivity at any chosen location, but also significantly reduce construction time.

Reliable Comfort Solutions On-The-Go

Additionally, the company serves with an innovative range of Mobile Restroom Solutions, guaranteeing comfort and cleanliness wherever necessary. So, whether you’re hosting an outdoor event or running a construction site in an off-grid location, Linked Equipment has got you covered with their undeniably reliable sanitation solution. Linked Equipment is significantly transforming the future of living and operational accommodations, ensuring quality, durability and resourcefulness in every solution.