Your Local Guide to Fun and Exciting Activities Near Morrison, Inc.

The great thing about being a community-oriented business like Morrison, Inc. is getting to indulge in the myriad of exciting activities our stunning locale offers. Our deep passion for our work here in the HVAC industry is matched only by our love for the Mid-Ohio Valley and its vibrant lifestyle.

A trip through History

Take a break from your usual routine and embark on a historical adventure by visiting the Marietta Historic District. Not only will you get your daily steps in, you’ll also learn about some of the oldest, most beautiful buildings in Marietta.

Next on the list should be the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Here, you can take a deep breath of fresh air as you explore the natural beauty and diversity of these unique ecosystems. This park is a paradise for nature lovers, offering wildlife sightings and serene atmospheres for relaxation and reflection.

Cultural Excursions

Craving for some cultural enrichment? Stop by the Parkersburg Art Center, which regularly showcases talented local artists. Or take a trip to the Mid-Ohio Valley Players Theatre for an engaging performance that’s sure to entertain.

Feel like exploring with your taste buds? Visit some of the local breweries and wineries that dot the Mid-Ohio Valley landscape. These establishments offer an assortment of flavors unique to our region, ensuring a delightful outing for the foodie at heart.

Inviting the Community

At Morrison, Inc., we’re more than just about providing outstanding HVAC services. We’re part of the fabric of this community, and we believe in nurturing its growth, culture, and spirit. Whether it’s a stroll down History Lane, a natural getaway, or a gastronomic adventure, our area has plenty to offer to both residents and visitors alike.

In between your fun and enriching outings, don’t forget that we’re here to keep your homes and businesses comfortable all year round. Trust Morrison, Inc. – where every heating service, commercial HVAC, and AC/HVAC repair is done with unmatched quality and love for our community.